Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back from GA...PICS!

hey all! we're back from georgia...actually we got back monday night. we had a great time getting to see all the family. we went and did laser tag, go carts and games the night we got there. saturday we went to a park there called Cheehaw...and they had a frontier days thing going on so we walked around there then let the kids play at the park. it was a really fun day. we went back to frank's aunt and uncles place after that and cooked out and just hung around. sunday we got up and went to a little stand that has all sorts of jellies, candies, and things like that. then we took the kids over to his moms house and met up w/ his sisters there to tell them all goodbye since they all had to go to work monday. we headed back to his aunts and had a big ham dinner. we sat around and visited for a while...then we headed to bed for the long trip home monday morning. got up monday morning and headed back around 9am and instead of walking around universal we decided we'd stop in some little towns and look around at all the old houses and buildings. it was a really nice time and it was great to just take our time getting back. anyways...that's about it! here are some pics from the trip. most of them are from cheehaw, and then just some places that we stopped. the place w/ the orange hot dog sign is the place frank's dad used to work in thomasville. he went in to get a hot dog and there was a guy there that knew his dad and actually knew frank but hadn't seen him since he was a baby. kinda crazy!! the brick building is a tiny little police station in a town we stopped in...i thought it was neat! the rest are pretty self explanitory. lol


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a little update!

hey all! just checking in for a sec and thought i'd drop a few lines! just getting some laundry done and kinda getting things ready for our trip thurs...well actually friday. we're leaving in the early it'll still feel like thurs to me. i don't usually sleep well before we leave, or in the car. needless to say i'll be pooped by the time we get there. but, his aunt usually keeps the kids entertained for a few while we take a little siesta. lol anywho...that's about all that's going on right now.

we went to the mall earlier to get frank a pair of jeans for the trip...but only found some for me...and i got a haircut. yay! i needed one so bad. it was just getting to that weird stage where it started flipping out and acting stupid. so, i'm glad to have that done for a while. it seemed to last a while last she must've thinned it really well!! the kids were pretty crazy and got into some trouble though...but i think they were just really tired from school being back in now. i hate when they get in trouble...although i was kinda glad that they did it to frank for once and not me so he can see what i go through when i take them places alone ALL the time! lol we got home and finished up homework, read a story and got all snuggled in and now they're fast asleep...well they have been for about an hour.

OH i'm putting up some pics from yesterday. jordyn got home from school and went outside to play. she went to the treehouse and came running back in and wanted me to come out and see the 'dead butterfly'. lol so, i did. this is what we'll see that he's far from dead and just trying to wiggle outta his cocoon...which i thought was really cool!! he happened to still be there when tristan got out of he got to see it, too! we checked on him one last time at about 4pm yesterday and then didn't check it again until this afternoon...and i really expected him to be gone. but, nope! we went out there at about 3pm today and he was STILL there...flapping...but going nowhere. so, w/ a little further examination i could see that his 'tail' was stuck to the cocoon!! so i carefully put my finger under him and he held on w/ his feet and i gently pulled him off and away he flew!! jordyn thought it was really neat to see him fly away finally. i thought the whole thing was pretty cool.'s a couple pics of the butterfly...and then of jordyn swinging. i didn't get any of tristan since he was at school...but hopefully i'll have lotsa new pics when we get home from our trip!

so, that's about it for now! love you all!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another good one!!

just wanted to share tristan's school pic he got back today! i thought it turned out really cute...and he's in his favorite 'bubblegum pink' shirt. LOL i love it. he is!


Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm a slacker!

so the other night i wrote this LONG post here that i 'thought' i sent...then i fell asleep on the couch. i guess my computer wasn't charged when i fell asleep because when i woke up it was off...which means that everything i was working on was closed out...which means that my blog post never got sent!! DOH! it is...finally. LOL ugh.

Sorry AGAIN that it's been so long since i've updated. i don't even have any pics to share this time. things have been i made 15 bows (12 for one order and 3 for another). tomorrow i have to finish 3 of them and then make 3 headbands. those are the first orders i've had in a while! kinda had to refresh my memory on how to do some of them. lol

other than that i've just been working on my new site... it really hasn't been too bad doing's just taking forever. but, i know once it's finished it will be SO much more user friendly. i'm hoping maybe orders will pick up once it's up and running. i'll be listing my site on some moms online store sites to help w/ traffic.

the kids are good. tristan just got his progress report. he got all S's except in 'following class rules...she put a sidenote that he talks ALOT. imagine that. LOL it's not funny...but you know...that's just tristan!

jordyn's good, too. typical jordyn. lol she's loving school and all of that. she seems to really be doing good, too, she's learned ALOT since she started! little smarty.

anyways...other than all of that it's the same ole same ole. i'm gonna get off here and try to work on some more stuff that i need to get done. love yas!!


p.s. i will take some pics and post them asap!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Settle In With Some Popcorn!!!

i went to update the other night, but there was just so much going on i figured i'd wait until it was all over to update here. lol anyways...between the assembly and getting ready for that, a part on the truck going bad, a last minute project for tristan's homework, working on bows, and just a bunch of other piddly crap...this has been a long week! but, the truck is fixed, the project is done, the assembly was good, bows are made, and i think things are finally slowing down a little.

tonight i went and got my hair cut. it was MUCH needed. i just can't go that long!!! i hadn't had it cut since mom was here!! that is entirely too long for this haircut. anyways, i'll post a pic of 2 at the end of this.

the kids got my camera today. although i was really mad that they played with it...they did take some really funny/cute pics. so, i'll post a couple of those, too. LOL little brats!!

something funny/gross: tristan was in the bathroom today. i noticed he'd been in there for a long long time, so i hollered in there 'hey buddy, ya doing ok in there...about done? jordyn's waiting for you outside.' he says 'yea. i just flushed a while ago because i was getting the stink out! when you flush it takes the stink down w/ it. otherwise i'd be sitting in here choking!' OH have no idea how hard i was laughing. the boy has no filters. LOL i just thought that was grossly funny and thought i'd share. lol
t-man got his report card today...i'll probably scan that and email it out. looked good though!! he was pretty proud. although...his teacher put a 'P' (progressing but needs support) on 'completing and returning homework' and i'm not sure what she's referring i'll be finding out about that. we've turned everything in on time, so i don't know.

anyways, that's about it i think for now. hope everyone's doing ok! looking for some updates!! ;)

love yas!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time Change Is Really No Fun...

we're experiencing the horrid effects of the time change these days. i'm sure everyone else is, probably just seems much worse w/ little ones. let me just start by saying that jordyn's having such a hard time w/ it that she actually fell asleep on the COUCH w/ me tonight!! lol they've been super sleepy by their regular bedtime and up before it's even light out...which you know is quite early. whew! i will be so glad when this levels out! i've even had a hard time w/ tonight i got in/out of the shower thinking it was much later and looked at the clock and it wasn't even 9 yet! so weird.

anyways...other than that there's really not a whole lot new! had alot fo do today and actually got it all done. all except a much needed haircut...which might have to be put off till next payday unfortunately. we'll see. got our grocery shopping done, bills paid, and a little bit of housework done. so, needless to say i'm pretty tired tonight. all i have to do is dry my hair and i'm bed i go!

i will try to have a little more exciting entry next time. i'm just so tired i can hardly think...PLUS i have frank snoring next to me pretty loudly. lol :D

love you all!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Check This Out~

was just going through some old pics and came across these ones...see anything interesting (think words)? you may need your magnifying glass for this one. LOL pretty neat though i thought.